Chacun à son goût.

Chacun à son goût.

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That was a good friday indeed.

I’m all caught up with The Americans. This show, guys. So good. The things I like most:

Philip/Elizabeth (main ship duh)

Jennings family dynamics (fantastic kids. Says me!)

Nina/Arkady (is this a thing? Please tell me it is! How could it not be?)

Nina/Oleg (why is this so adorable so sudden? OMG).

Oleg/Arkady (what? I’m way, way too invested in all these Russians.)

Clark/Martha (I might ship them in a parallel universe. What a mindfuck.)

Lee Tergesen playing a violent, somewhat crazy homosexual. OZ FEELS!

The dynamics between the Jennings and Claudia. Good stuff.

Matthew Rhys in general because yes, please, ANYTIME.

…and these are only the things I like most. I haven’t even touched the storylines, acting, CHEMISTRY and what not. There is so much more. Oh joy.

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His sensitivity and alert warmth balance her cool remoteness so perfectly that we’re lulled into thinking there’s nothing more to either of them — and then we see how vulnerable she can be, and how vicious he can be, and how fantastically great they are together when they’re surrendering to their reptilian brains. They don’t seem like abstractions on a page but real people who’ve been married so long and been through so much that they can’t live with or without each other; on a series that’s ultimately less about espionage than marriage, that’s maybe nine tenths of the battle.

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Unlike the usual tropes of romance, Philip and Elizabeth already have all the physical manifestations of domestic bliss: the house, the car, the kids. They’re older. They’ve lived past the age of youthful naivety and impulse, and, because of their work, they understand the fragility of life. At the same time, these are also two people who made the decision to dedicate their lives to country as teenagers—not to mention the fact that they’ve spent years kidnapping and murdering—and their emotional self-awareness suffers commensurately. Their silence isn’t just professional. Love necessitates vulnerability, and, particularly for Elizabeth, whose loyalty to “the cause” has been unflinching, this is an unbearable idea.
Why FX’s The Americans May Feature the Most Compelling Romance on TV (via jenningscomrades)

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